The Staking Plans Book

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The Staking Plans Book by Tom Whitaker

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The Best Staking Plans for Betting Systems

The Staking Plans Book 

The Complete Guide to Staking for Sports Betting Systems and Money Management Methods to Make More Profit from Winning Strategies

With An Innovative Research Methodology Using The Staking Machine and Betaminic’s Big Data Based Strategies

The Staking Plans Book: 32 staking plans explained, analysed and ranked.

Includes a new staking plan that combines the best points of the top ranked staking plans.

This book will answer the key questions sports bettors have:

What is the best staking plan?

How much of the betting bank should be bet?

When should I increase stakes?

When should I withdraw profit from a betting system?

How long until my betting bank doubles?

What are some of the best sports betting systems available now?

32 Staking Plans
Explained, Analysed, Compared and Ranked:

Kelly Staking

Square Root Staking

Fibonacci Staking

Martingale Staking

Parlay Staking

Rolling Doubles Staking

Secure Staking

LP28 Staking

Level Staking

Percentage Staking

Target Profit Staking

1326 Staking

1234 Staking

4321 Staking

1234 Winners Staking

D’alembert Staking

Retirement Staking

Labouchere Staking

Reverse Labouchere Staking

Coup Master Staking

Professional Staking

Bookies Bank Staking

Phantom Bet Staking

Bookies Bank Version 2 Staking

Bookies Bank Version 2 Staking with Phantom Losing Bets

Recovery Type 1 Staking

Recovery Type 2 Staking 

Recovery Type 3 Staking

Stop at a Winner Staking

Up-Down Staking

i-TSM Staking

Whitaker Staking

“Uncertainty is simply a lack of information.

When you have enough data, the right answer is obvious.”

In this 300 page book, an innovative research methodology levels the playing field and compares the staking plans on equal terms so that they can be ranked fairly. By testing the staking plans against both standardised artificial data sets and actual working betting systems, the most thorough comparison of staking plans ever has been achieved.

This book is a must for both casual and professional sports bettors.

If you already have a working betting system, this book will help you find the perfect staking plan for it and get even more profit out of it without increasing the risk level.

If you do not have a working betting system yet, this book will introduce you to Betaminic’s publicly available football betting strategies that are based on big data and which work very well with the staking plans recommended here.

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You can also find out how to get this book and my other sports betting books for free here.  

The question that comes to bettors that have a working system is how much to bet and with what staking plan to use in order to maximise the profits of their systems while managing risk levels to avoid losing their betting banks. This book seeks to compare staking plans by reducing the essence of the staking plan to one key question “How long until this staking plan doubles my bank without increasing risk?” It is meant to make it easier for people to find the right staking plan for their system based on their risk level. Also, I will introduce the tool I use to anaylse staking plans, The Staking Machine (TSM), and show you how to use it for deeper and more accurate research into your own systems if you want to. I will also show how I used this tool to find the best staking plans for betting systems researched with Betaminic’s Big Data analysis tool “The Betamin Builder” and how you can use them yourself.

Positive Effects of Staking Plans on Real Betting Systems from Betaminic

This table shows the effects of Whitaker Staking (yellow) and the next best recommended staking plans (white) for that type of betting system in comparison to simple level stakes betting (blue). For example, the first betting system on the list is "Colossus 3 Free Scoring Favourites" which is available from Betaminic. The bets placed have average odds of 1.32 and over the past 6 years it has made 110 points profit on simple level stakes, but with Whitaker Staking (explained in The Staking Book) the profits are increased 1,719% to 1,891 points for 6 years. This is done without increasing the risks of bankruptcy. 

Using the right staking plan will increase profits of betting systems that are profitable at level stakes. Read The Staking Plans Book to find out the best staking plans to use.

The Staking Machine (TSM)
The best staking software available.
This book was researched using this amazing software. I highly recommend it. A must for any serious sports bettor.



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